Casa Piri-Piri

Casa Piri-piri is a small, secluded wooden house in the middle of our forest, about 100 meters from our other houses. Slightly above and within sight of the other three houses. 
You can have a small forest hike of 3 minutes from our homes in the valley, but also drive up to the hill and park directly beside the cabin.

The driveway on a cork tree path is a very good dirt road and always easily navigable. The wood construction, the spicy wooden fragrance of the house and the surrounding forest are just great!  

Although the little "piri-piri" is a "one-room house". Its clever partitioning is surprisingly spacious and is therefore only praised by all. 
It is equipped with a large 1.50 meter wide bed, small office area, a spacy chest of drawers, mirrors, nice kitchenette and comfortable eating area. 

The furnished wooden deck and the house upstream bamboo porch provide even more security and provide a cosy privacy. 

The kitchenette has a new 4-burner gas stove (no oven). The elongated and beautifully tiled work surface is located directly under the wide kitchen window, so you have a free view of the surrounding forest. Of course there's also a sink and refrigerator. The kitchen is equipped with everything you could need: pots, pans, crockery, cutlery etc. 

The bathroom is a little extra wooden cabin , just next to the house and has a shower, washbasin, toilet and bidet. Hot water for house and bath house  is a gas heater.

Since there are so many people who want to be "really"  by  themselves, we've created this special retreat. Our guests are happy with down to earth comfort,   made with good taste. Also in this house  we ask  not to smoke! Just as well as grilling in the middle of woods, of course, is by no means allowed!

Heating cannot be included, but when it gets colder, it works over infrared heating panels. Heating costs will be charged depending on power consumption. Infrared electricity is consuming very little energy!

 Laundry in the valley at the main house: € 5 / machine. High-Speed ​​Internet is free.  

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